The Shattering of Zencala

Chapter 1
The Shattering

After a scuffle with a mesterious figure Darion the party witnesses a cataclysmic impact of giant crystals into their world.   Saved by a time jump on overload the party finds themselves fighting with the fiendish crystal creatures, a result of the collision of two worlds.   The beings on the other side of these crystals are asking for help.   Can the party fix this broken world?

The land of Rund

Welcome to the land of Rund, imagine a land just east of Tolkien and west of Final Fantasy.   All of the races can be found here but the two largest cities are Cheria and Gannt.   Gannt is a city of humans and half orcs situated at the North western base of Mt Ernat.   The city is known for the vast rolling field that stretches out from the mountain and for being naturalistic and opposed to magic.    Cheria sits on the opposite, north east, side of Mt. Ernat, it too is mostly human with some Dwarven masons helping to build up the fort.    The Dwarves are rarely seen as they stay in their volcanic mountain holds to the Northeast.   To the southwest is the great Myra Marsh with Elven clans living on the outskirts.   It is said that Mt Ernat is a great source of power to the wizards that live there and is the center of the land of Rund.

First steps
The land of Rund

Welcome to Rund!   You are all inhabitants of this land although you may find it different than when you left it.  

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